Wekiva Presbyterian Church is actively involved with missions programs, both within our local community and around the world. Here are just some of the mission activities our congregation supports.

The Sharing Center
The Sharing Center is a non-profit charitable organization that helps to provide material needs for a family so that they may be more receptive to a spiritual experience. Their services include food, clothes, gas vouchers, prescription vouchers, rent and utility assistance as well as consideration of any physical help that would allow a client to be back on the path to self-sufficiency.

The Sharing Center is in need of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer in the thrift store, boutique, food pantry, office or warehouse, call 407-260-9155. Training is provided. You may choose your hours. Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm.
Pantry items most needed now are: canned foods, bath soap, shampoo, toothpaste, detergent, dry milk, juice, coffee, teabags. To schedule pickup of large items at your home or office call 407-332-0925 ext 4.

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Good News Jail & Prison Ministry
Good News Jail & Prison Ministry gives spiritual guidance and counseling to prisoners in Seminole and Orlando County jails.

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity is a group of Christian citizens concerned with providing decent housing for God's people in need. Habitat raises money, recruits volunteers and constructs or renovates inexpensive but sturdy homes for responsible low-income families. With Habitat's assistance, these families purchase the houses at cost. Learn more about this program's history and how you can get involved at the Habitat for Humanity web site.

Loaves & Fishes
Loaves and Fishes is an outreach ministry in Apopka, Florida and is supported by local churches within the surrounding communities. Their mission is to help homeless and needy families with food, clothing, counseling and financial assistance. Loaves and Fishes provides services for approximately 500 families per week in the name of Jesus Christ.
Current needs are: household items, baby items, baby formula, toiletries, peanut butter, and jelly.

Thornwell Homes
Thornwell's doors were opened on October 1, 1875, to eight orphaned Confederate children. Founded by William Plumer Jacobs, it was his unrelenting belief that God so willed this endeavor. Thornwell always has had a full program of educational, spiritual, and physical care for children. It is a fully-accredited independent school high.

Thornwell is committed to use all available facilities and an abundance of love, patience, and discipline to nurture young people toward responsible Christian citizenship. Wekiva Presbyterian Church supports Thornwell with financial donations and prayer.

5 Cents Per Meal
Faith and Compassion Demonstrated Through Prayers, Understanding, and Gifts.
Two Cents per meal is a hunger ministry of the Central Florida Presbytery. Wekiva Presbyterian Church participates in this partnership program by encouraging individuals and families to contribute two cents per person for each meal eaten during the day. Those moneys are then collected in worship service on the second Sunday of each month and sent to the Presbytery for use in specific relief and self-help development projects of our partners around the world.

The Two Cents Per Meal program, a denomination-wide partnership of Christian faith and compassion, began in Central Florida in 1983. Simply, each member of the household sets aside two cents for each meal they eat ($1.80 per person per month). This is collected once a month.
Current partners are: locally, Second Harvest Food Bank, a private nonprofit organization which collects and stores donated food for distribution to charitable feeding programs and The Society of St. Andrews, Internationally: Haiti Fund, Incorp.; Air Guatamala; Turks in Madagascar.
Since its creation, Two Cents Per Meal has raised $1.4 million dollars. Isn't it amazing how so little can become so much?

Scholarship Program
The scholarship fund was begun in 2003 by Russell Swain in memory of his wife, Patricia Swain. Since 2007 the scholarship fund is also a memorial to Kathy Hansbrough Hood, whose bequest to the church was to benefit the youth of the congregation. The Patricia Swain - Kathy Hood Scholarship Fund provides money to those in post secondary education from our congregation who have expressed their goals in life and how the Wekiva Presbyterian Church has been an important part of their goals and their lives. Scholarships are awarded in June.

Adult & College Mission Trips
Opportunities are available for Adult and College-age Mission Trips.

Wekiva Internet Ministry
Wekiva's outreach via the Internet. Including: Live Internet broadcasts of the 10:00 am church service, weekly video and audio archive programs available on the website. Your donation supports using the Internet to spread the Word of Jesus Christ.

Youth Mission Trip
Each year the youth at Wekiva take on a service project. Such as fixing and repairing facilities for those in need. Supporting the annual youth mission trip helps cover trip travel and material expenses.

Caring for Generations Offering
The Caring for Generations Offering provides financial support to the Westminister Retirement Communities (formerly known as Presbyterian Retirement Homes) in Florida.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
The purpose of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is to provide a ministry of relief and response to national and international disasters, aid to refugees and displaced persons, refugee resettlement, and efforts toward development.

Cuba Mission
In 2013 the Central Florida Presbytery formed a partnership with El Presbiterio Centro de Cuba (the Central Presbytery of Cuba) and in 2017 Wekiva Presbyterian Church formed a partnership with Iglesia Presbiteriana-Reformada en Remedios. Sense 2015 members of our church have joined in our Presbytery’s mission trips to Cuba. We support our partner church with visits, prayers and support in hope to form a lasting relationship. We have also hosted members of El Centro in our church. The town of Remedios is in central Cuba near the northern coast.